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The book Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research by P.N. Oak in English in PDF format. Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. - download Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research book online at best prices in india on Read Some Blunders of Indian Historical.

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Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research Pdf

OjIv SOME BLUNDERS OF INDIAN HISTORICAL RESEARCH P. N. OAK, M A., LL., B. Pnildtnt, Initiate for BenritlDg World History HIND! N j Road, " r. Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research by P.N. Oak. The author, in this book incites some blunders of India historical Research. This is Oak's most popular. Historical Research P N Oak. Download Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research pdf · Read Online Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research pdf .

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Thenme Madam lllekatolbascbuildiopbccouscthey Vedic tcbools. Dowsoo, Vol" Ito 1. Thus betweontbcmselve. OpeIJ tdinl! That eventtook placemorechan thrte hundredofterLord Buddha'sdemise. Foocoolet 3, 4,edition Jtundrcd 'c-1 ra , Ourtn1 lltflllh dornroauonforthoooxlycaraWeAtornscholara' tmm11urcmcdloevol concop11 about time and spaco,tho orl1ln of the co.

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Muyotherciviltulloosmorrwoodmalaod similar ordiffc. AI Ubla tribe o fJetsin.. Mongolians studyancien Indian lorecooner: Oak ISBN: Hard Cover Language: Vedic Books Sales Rank: Vedic Books Product Explorer Explore more books in. Customers who bought this product also downloadd The Hindu History. Agra Red Fort is a Hindu Building.

Learning Vedic Astrology. What is Karma. Sects in Tibetan Buddhism. E-Mail Address:. Tell someone you know about this book. Sachau, London , he tliOh wltb abuodaot praise the priace of Hyrcania or 1urjan, Sboms Almuli, 01ho ""' 'dwarf by the aide of giant Mahmud.

Tho otudled or tbe oeaJeci of Mabmud comes out mo,. Tbo P'"faoe ofhll C'" Jl ChaDd A Co. Sacbau, Prormor in tho Uolvenity or Bttlia. Sachaua wo '. L oo thin,. WI be auacks cbe Arabs. Sachau adds "To Mahmud the Hlndus were infidels, to be despatched to bell as they refuted to be From the exw,cts quote-d cbove we arrivo at cbo following. That Albcruni'a asstrtions nerd 10 be uamioed with the utmost caut1on and disc: Tblt was but natural alltbclr cneraica were dissiraled In loot, drlokia oriJCI.

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Those became I. It is, therefore. All lk o. That FirdcuJttoo tbouab be bas no1 wriuea oa lodia. Sachau says in the ume Jft acctpaJe viii ' lmmortaf Firdausr had to fty ill diaauiseto.. Ide tbo doom or beina trampled 10 death by elephaou Attra. U t4 ,v. StVC l t f tbc mere mott cnv 11 rukrf in '"': Incident ia uid to have prod..

II aa he"'"' and aimc.. Mit ltlntf ', tod lbJI ftom lbat vantage Clo. Fnl's own coofsion ro sbow I bar timc-te: Ful UyJ "As fortuo FazJ wbo uied ro coo. Thio nih 1nd Kho1ar. TbJl Akbar bimsclf r. Fazl as no m ba d rrr oretbJaa d an. Y "'' e lo beheve be should have arrai--' "''b the cbarge.

Ao -dtolll This ". Ia Abul Ful' 1 b,oar. Jtcal P. Mort over we musr here recoil lbe fact rhal Akbar's desccodaoiJ and -slon borb being ioveocrate boozers be could not be 1 dill'ercor from them especially when we have the above reinforcing testimony from his own chrooicler Abul l'azl.

Ia Aln d.. Y" t Pll. L tfhttfiiC- ffc. Of ' ann'butcs It should not toke lotcUisent 'I. II should have boca atiPOl eomple where 1 tnigbcy emperor!

OW lodJed In royal comfort. From dteocc lbcy " od their requtst to lbe officen or tbe Pliler, trocr ,. Omeo of rank ObtJii O pcrmissioo tO for a wbolc month. This leadr to IDS ' ' "" 37, 38 eta. Slll t! D lhcte 11 thoia who have r l "mt c: I all Musltm monarc. D rna n of whom there was no dtartb. Q aod chi h rcs- cdve p: We shall now examine the laboogirooma wb,cb. Ellloc on cbc edited by Prot John OoW10n are an cxcc11cat cmocal atudy: Elliot's obsernttons underlloo tbe face tbac Jabaoalr' mcmoiB Contconporary accounls SJ cak or lobuoslr having lio many a time In a state of eoma because of excessive drug ood drink addicclon.

Jahaogir Posthumous Papers or Elliot edu.. John Oowson. I lw dJSliU. Thus betweon tbcmselve. Ill Orienta l l! I molllary 1 mmandcr of Jahnair.

These obtcrvatloos ot tbc Brioitlt schoton redutc the verltny and rcliablhty or tbc Jahamm almost to 1 dphcr.

Lcr us l'OW turn our aucolioo to Badshabo: Wilted oonrettcred cu oyment of the deceased's property, Su H M. Elhot deal- loa ""'h tbc chroolt: Given Ibis rae! OUDI of Aft: Utnle dhrcprd o! II canoot or billorical wriring, a ad reck ll lt or Abut Ful'. L Hamld"oth. Ia quick Jbor' 11 le h. Abut Ful aod Fai,i. This amounct to a eonfess,on that bis record1np Su ta - "M. These assertions are like. TarithlFtrozsbab1 and fulubaleFirozsba.

Throughout 1b11 I. Sir K. Ellior's Posrbumous Papttl dcalinl wub lllo -r;utb Ic "L. Tbis Is: A ntler. S 'toftdet pillra 10 be ;: UJ he d.. Or where tbe cbrooicle1i purport to b been wrineo by tho rulcra thcmsclvu or at their biddoag they n: Uowarrooted reltanee hovlos beeo placed oo these couoterfeat chronu: What is in Leaded 10 be conveyed 11 tht lhty far from truthful records. At 11a1e tbc! I he ndtrs bavioa If mcdra.. Olbtr M.. Nzamo'a omtrlt CUI of lbt bolts r h laJina. I be I hh CCDtury be: Numl obs.

Sy Prof. HUtoriaas aecourus cao't be properly fnterpntfd un1eu a 1 rcsdtr 6nt undemands tbem, their psycbolov. Nizami analysu that whenever Abu Fazl round bis itael! Clll lituatlon Muslim dynu1y In Asia bas found. Brhisb blllorlao, Vlnccnl Smilb observed lo his "fltllto,. Nitamo's appraisal!

I n I bat it still Slicks 10 he t 'pioal mmtallty or a 1-! Sorocenic e llll Sinoe we have q- alltcd u lll put polo aDd Olber tombs and mos- tl'""' thc lallt. SIIIcnuc lhe: IIQually but It by alo - ' - r , We would like t. Wllre ;ol lb. Taimorloog, AI Brruni and other atieos bavc coofcssed a rcerioa of wonder at seeing Indian river gbats and roagni6 ecot, towcrioz..

Mastery in seulpture presoppcses cerrain bibly develop- ed skills carefully nurtured and practised over o number of acneratio Had 1he invaders been really great buildtrt tbey ball lbeor own undy strctebu 10 buold on. Tbcy oeod no bac locurred tbc odium and r isks or to O btr r DOt H-. Cl'uld ool h. DtC v. Soraccnlc lhcory of architecture ;. He will WOtk out the oo Thrdly, wbeo thc: Mads ctC-1' 00 rcn nd craflsmcn working oo a bul.

An architect has to give tbc workmen a destan co: That myth was avelltcd bY Western aeholar unable to cxplaio wby allegodly monumc. Had they eommistiooed them they would bavc iosisad oo the buildings beioa cotirely io their own style. In foci even the tombs and moS jue l!

II" o.. Lit Su. The Moshm invaders betn of. Ab -'1 m s, szaks U y Wu ll lo Tb r mosques and all ro lbo b. But ,. No - 1hc pluub ro PcJc 0 ;. Then be would bavclo urnber 1be. Since the Kutub Minar lt a rouod struclurc 11t stones would be useless for t1 iq. II iJ bf. TO TR I! Moreover tbellllused chamber ia an indication that tho use or the Wbts- pcrlos Oaltcry as a MIUiim tomb was aftcrtbouabt rn wbicb oo.

In the boot TI! Mutlim architecture or oc couotry dilfers from the Muslim architecture or ano1ber. If Mr. Ssoskrat Uoweuity. Sbri V S.. Beadre 1 aored bll! I remember quue "'ell when I beaan aotll thould be p ac fcanBJls for rhc irrigation of the collolry. The canals they P. V 'M rd and bum!

No medlaew 1 t sa,.. Muslim captors only ed 1he Koron oo I be oaterior and plooced real or fake llllldt. For ancet when o fancied arove In Sbablrlad Simlltrly Tamtrlao's aravc ias. OILY rue 00 bl , He will ruso II will be ocrvous "' job ond run away. Domes and buildings wi1b decorative liont , and olber animals and tolus patterns are never IslamiC. Buildiog1 witb three, five or simlar symmelfically placed domes 1te cever fslamtc.

A building ludded with graves Is captured property. Buildings in ruins splattered with Isla moe wriclogs. Ploutllomht or dead potentates wi1hou1 corrcspondlng man11ons , re olher people's capcured properly. KorAnc 01 other hlamlc in5Cripli. OO or Chat odofiec, dlfitc Uld 10 ben mosque or mausoleum must never 1 ll. Sft flt""C' N 1e: M l1m or; ,. Fino oru cao ocvcr prosper In an atmosphere surcharged wnb bate, torlutc and massacres whieh were tbc hallmarks of Mushm rule to India.

The few artists wbo eked out a precart- oos bvehbood by practlsiog painuoa and sculpture coottooed. Muslims do not k4n bow the" Allah looks like or bow their own prophet Mobamed looked like.

Muslims arc disallowed from sccioa tbc r.. Far from 6. But io our owo timO. This peat transformation, degtada! We bur ol 11 onl C Ill " I uadotiQD of lndill tmcraeo 1 nm "'" ot tars pzior to blam.

I - lu IUD As sucb the ao- qu": Soon lhetca! People bad to Bee ro rbe forem lor protection. Histones t ell us that before tbe Sl rl of Mu"im invasions or lndi! As areal blgbway wrvives only in name. Indians were driven their majettic maniiooJ 10 leek shelter in wild forests and They wcro ruthlessly ferreted ou1 or oeir ' ' e rodents and replil h is th.

Qnnot be made 8ood a row FiY: Those lands boa Sled of Verdant 6elds and buulo ulgardens In lhe pre. IJttOf lit: Equally lsoorant newamnq fluhed 1be 0 ewr. Tba1 ooly meant tidyioa up S be had to wage.

How can an era ro wbteh. The wlrolltpcnod un man br regarded u a harrowrn Mediaeval Hist or y of ndtan bould coovioc: Uot's profound observataoo It. Sir AM Elliot was unwittingly cheated tnto bcllevlna lht tbc Innumerable mcdraeval tombs and ' '! Tbcse key p.. ClatQU in Died 1 M llltaa raeva uahm chronicles tbat a ccna 1 n Wben tbcy ,.

Tbose palaces and mansloot were captured from tllrlicr ltaJPil1 rvlcra.. Th1l Ia wby 1be. It is historically and ocademiCIIIy obsord to.. Tbul So hod no.. The oame bold sood of tno,.. Claim in Mediat. Tbuo wu oot founded by "hmadbah but just cooqucrecl by b1m aod lo h: IIat bad. I G foci done was thftt an exll ntt anc1cnc township wna nmd.

If thiJ not clearly uoduatood and ralle cl. Whal we bavc said above should help us to formulate ADt'lhcr rriociplc io understanding mtdiOtval Muslim chrooidu. A very gnpbic illusuation or the of elaims I found ID cbronicleo rclatiog to Sbcr. Wtld c: Ao IDOidcnta u I or an alien MualliD lovestigatloos Ia that wherever be must be decmed ruler or oobleroao attaches to a bat earlier Ra put moou to be tbe datroyer a'ld captor o t Tbus wben a r- i!

J bel um at VerinJ II uouod tbo aourec of: These claims ore potently f1bc. Whea such ton ate crue ty was etog 1 galnsl most of tbe population could it be called a: The entire 3. Many current concepts of mediaeval hostory need to be completely rev! For Instance, it bas been. Secondly, just as the Western style- of architecture is currently In vogue all over tho wc;rld similarly during mediaeval times h wl. Mohammad Ob-. U Tbit Wu lod;.

Faile claim tn r. Tbus for Su H.. Scrawhna huge buildina fronts wlth Koranic ltt b predominantly tlliterare realmes lithe ll! II is a common ;: When highly Illiterate regimes scrawl M;;. Even otherwue pJcntckert acrawl their names on the 1 b.

Tb' Paces t ey vosat. P'-a at Cllimr or o CID 1. Apia S-. At 1na ,w. Cled b cJLtraordtlllnly large ea.. Wlat Smith ud otbm m Oo pap 32 -L -.

Prillcipln CD!

Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research by P.N. Oak at Vedic Books

For i. Dstaacc fimly a COI: Id oor be apla. Tbc beaornu or tbe lbove prtACipks lhoald belp the , Alcaaoder, the Great. Tltis great tracsty of the truth bas lll'lbcd- clcd ltKlf 10 Indian hbtory all tbc accounts that have CClme do10'o to ut of tbaL great encounter arc all the parliun GrrU: Aod it is ell known that aurcuors sulferiag huml JlatJoa dcfcalS shroud their revcnel i a the phraseology or Tltis il what bu bappcood Ia tbe cue of Alcaaodet't lodla. He wu the son of Pbihp n. Philip was known for bu utcsmanthip lllld wisdom but Alexander's mother is aid to haw boca ua.

IS7 tJVC'"or: A T ' ramo us Greek philoJopher Wll appointed tutor Mlstotlc tbowben tbo tatter attained the ase of 14 But to Alexander for wild adveolur" r.

Rather 1ba. Jander preferred. Tbey decided to Pbihp porents wabs c ''c named Cleopatra. Olympia, the queen, lert took aoot er WI I'. Cleopatra bore a son to 10 h1S n10 u Alcundct's complicity in his father's murder docs not seem improbable 1n view of his makina common cause W1tb b1s molber. Havioa been koown to fbe troops aa the royal prince nd bcir apparent for a number of years, Alexander was bclpcd by t.

On comins to throne, Alexander bad bif cousin: Re first subdued the rebellioUJ hill tribes. Ia tho meantime I he people of Thebes rose 1n revolt Alexander struck a t t hem with great agility and rued tbclr copitalto tbe around. C to tbe world. Tb Dnloa Alll llilnor e two arm1u met on lbe banks of Crao 1 cus , ' B h.

Ho declared the local Greek sottlemcDts indcpcndtnl, appo. The newly anncatd reaion loll euily to Alexnnder because Its large Greet populo lion and soldiery proved helpful. Simultaneously with his land expeditions Aleaander'a oayy bad moved Into the Hellespont, That armada bad helped him keep lD toucb itb bll native country.

The 1wo armies met at lsul 10 3 3 B. He now bcs. Tbe liete 1M bole 0 Pboe! On Soptem er , der now act JJ d the tiarls river. A sharp eagagemeot followe e!

Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research - P N Oak

The bailie of Ooamil is aileroauvely known as t at o Erbll town of tbal name 60 mlles away. Alexander annexed tbc Babylonian region of tb: Persian empire and catering Persipolis, the capital of l ran, ransaeke;: Dariu fled to the north. But now a regular bunt ronowed. Darius was overtaken. He was ucompanied by his cousin Besam and a few noblemen only.

It was the summer of B. As Alexander's men were about to move forward and Darius tho Iauer's compao1ons tbemsetv.. Theroaf1cr overrunning the hilly country on tbe Caspian Sea "? Alexander moved towards Afghanistan. Serioua diss.. Simme HiDduku;b came to tho aurfaee.

By then AI d rtna dtssen. A number of or nac oto a arntaned wltb plottins agai nst their fuhrer a my ollieera were un. Kina Ambho ruled rcai"n around Jbclum river. Texola was bot aopital. Po rut rulod oer t. Poru1 wu. A lot of iocoolillcnciCJ, aoomalica and lacuooc coo be detected on o AT CI.

They ko11ed manY Greek soldiers. To escape death many jumped into tbc rher but were drowned. In the boule thll cosued be sot killed. But oecounta left by Greek h! Stonaos if properly coos- IIUed make it clear that Porus's elephant corps caused havoc tn tbe enemy ranks and roared Alexander' mighty host. Arriao records! To avood bloodshed Porus generously otTered to 6abt the Greek!

Alexander refused rhe CAIIam off? I n the engagement that followed, h11 hone, ; rally hu, alumped under htm. Tbttca IOdt an tbcn ranks tb. IY atmcd Atria. TluiJ the outcome wu doubtful, the Mac: Tbcy stamped under fool m.

Tbey also aored tbe 10b11tO to dcatb W'llb their tusks. Oreek blstoriana would wbnt u to e: He, tbercforc, requutcd PoruJ to..

True to l odiao ,,. Tbc rea. Clt or comrades in orms.

Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research - P N Oak

Badae addo tbac , Saddened In heart I am plaoomg to pur ao end to my life. Jt docs not bccomo a tina 10 tbrwt bio soldizn into tbejawa to spllc or sueb clear cvidt: The very rae I I hat Porul woo rrom A!

I u mec.. S re so Alc. Y u tbc Orcclr: O 'Lp. This it cnc: He did allow mlJplaccd com pusioo to the bcnor of his patrlousm. War-weary, wound cd bomcsick, Slorved and ticrctly opposed at every step tboy were armed intruders, Alexander's soldiers refused to figbt aay more when they reached tbe banks of the Beas. They hod enough or h. The engagement witb Poru. Its harrowing memories were too much for tbem. Belos unwelcome the territorits througb wbocb tbe1r patb of rttrtat lay Alnander's starv1ng soldiory indulgod 10 p1llagma dcfcncdeu civilian communitios.

But this fact bas beeo twiSted io Gr At every lltgo tbo ranks or his deplcltd bost were geniag thinner tbrougb skirmishes, sniping by Indians. During this retreat an Indian 1ribc callod the Mallois gave atitr figbt o Aleundcr's Oreel: In the many engage.

An enemy arrow was sbot at bJm wn! Alcunder feU down on bt's rod the es "ben cocmy toldtcr rushed to slay him wirh a sc 11 nir. His bodyguard c: Throughout its retreat the Greek borde eommlllcd trodtiea, Wbc1 her drunk Wil h victory or reduced to dcnltu.

Re evrn 1en1 a scouuog par1y obnd. Bu1 be laclcd IU,. As he aun: There he W joined by tbr conringcnls under Craoret IDd pan or bh oava. Tba proptc " -: Is owo frleod Oytua. If with two prin. Jmis- h was campun e Maccdonians w'ltb: UJd died 1n a coma. A '7," aolu bolb A Aleuoder bul within tb baq btd iafut Aleuodtt'o remuu,:.

S bcro. It is btgb umc that lh ""' 4 ' 01 cl. P,r 1. Bodbaokor'unicles on tbe top 1 c.

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